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Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, the 4th of five children. It was in that year the family moved to Wilmington, NC. Jordan played junior varsity ball as a sophomore in high school. He played varsity from then on, starring as a senior and earning a scholarship to North Carolina.

Jordan turned pro in 1984 after his stellar junior year at college, but Akeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie were selected before him in the draught.

Michael ranks way up there with all the greats of American sports legend. Jordan was so gifted as to become a hero to sports fans around the world. It was and is his talent, character and great class on and off the court that make him so beloved by so fame and skill were intertwined as they are for only a handful of others such as Ali, Babe the Bambino Ruth, and Gretzky.

His incredible moves and exquisite dunks captivated fans. To his fans, he seemed bigger than life on and off the court.

Though he relished the good life that came with riches he remained an unassuming man. He made millions from the Bulls and many more millions as a pitchman for Wheaties, Gatorade and McDonald’s. His Air Jordan sneakers spurred Nike’s growth like nothing else.

It was Larry Bird who said, “It’s actually God there disguised as Michael Jordan”.

Michael made himself great. It was not all his natural talent. He worked hard and relentlessly. he is a legend today and he owes it not only to a God-given talent but also to the burning desire he had to win every game he was in.

He didn’t know when to terminate. In a game where some are satisfied with their work, the six’ six ” Jordan was always pushing for more, both of himself and of his teammates. “What he always expected was that everybody plays the game as hard as he played it.” said one of his admiring coaches.

Jordan stuck countless key points that made the difference in great games. He thrived on pressure. One of many examples, his hanging jumper at the buzzer against the Cavalier’s that clinched the series in 1989. More impressive yet, a bed-ridden Jordan comes to play in the 97 final and manages 38 points and the final winning three-pointer. Always the man for the moment, in his last hoorah, the 1998 finals with seconds to go he gets two, steals the ball and jumps for three winning the game. Oh, so many memories of clutch play live on because of Jordan. He truly earned and deserves his superstar status! The Bulls franchise in the ’90s was Michael Jorden.

He won the scoring title ten times, and that in only eleven seasons. He and the legendary Wilt Chamberland are the only ones to have scored three,000 points in a season. Jordan did it in ’87 with three,041. On average and over his full eleven-year career his per-game point score was 31+.
Other noteworthy accomplishments include 5 MVP awards for season play and another six for post-season play. In the early ’90’s he owned the MVP title, winning four in a row for the season and post-season play for the ’91 and ’92 seasons.

Jordan retired when he was still among the best on the court in 1999 saying he had achieved all he had set out to do.