Do I Need To List My Podcast on Apple Podcasts?

If you consider the question: Who does the quality fried chicken? Your solution could probably be “KFC.” Also, in case you consider the quality burgers, you may say, “Burger King.” Just the same, while you consider Podcasts, you probably think “Apple.” After all, the word ‘Podcasting’ evolved from the word ‘iPod’. Still, what makes Apple so great? Stay some time and allow us to talk about it.

Apple is the proverbial massive withinside the podcasting global due to the fact the logo is already a dominant fixture withinside the minds of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Therefore, in case you are a podcaster, you may truly need to be on Apple Podcasts (previously called iTunes). Millions of human beings get the right of entry to their platform each day.


If you’ve got your podcast indexed there, it robotically offers you get right of entry to listeners who can grow to be subscribers and, ultimately, customers. Consequently, maximum human beings have already downloaded the iTunes or Podcast App. If you broadcast your software from some other platform, human beings might not undergo the hassle of downloading some other App simply to concentrate on your show.

A Bigger Share of the Pie

Undoubtedly, the iTunes app is one of the maximum famous apps used on clever phones. Almost 90% of the arena’s podcasting packages are indexed there. Almost 80% of the opposite structures will get right of entry to your RSS feed to seize your episodes and percentage with their clients. Almost 70% of all podcast listeners have got right of entry to this platform. Besides, approximately 60% of listeners use this app to download their favored programming.

Ultimately, in case you aren’t the usage of Apple Podcasts to listing your software, you’re dropping out on the possibility to attain as much as 60% of your listener base. It truly does now no longer rely on what the style or area of interest you are in, you’re less difficult to discover in case you are indexed here.

This platform is a first-rate preference in case you are simply beginning out because it promotes new suggests and offers you the possibility to grow to be uncovered to a probably a lot wider audience.

With a few making plans and effort, you could have a hit release into the arena of podcasting. Some podcasters had been capable of monetizing their suggestions. But they could now no longer had been capable of accomplishing that without being indexed in this platform to start with.

Some Advantages of Listing with Apple

You can be capable of running their very own advertisements for the duration of your broadcast (inside your recording). As the host you could even sell manufacturers or take benefit of sponsorship deals.

Approval of your software takes everywhere from 24 to seventy-two hours. However, there are unique instances that could postpone the length to longer times.

You can be capable of use their analytics to decide which episodes are the maximum famous. You can examine your audiences’ choice to decide which varieties of packages they prefer or dislike.

Apple connect: this selection permits you to control your Podcast, with the resource of the subsequent operations:

  • It permits you to personalize your library by deleting or downloading episodes.
  • Changing up the series of playback
  • Unsubscribing

It additionally has a few nifty gears as well, such as:

  • Embedded players: which permits your listeners to undergo your library of all of your episodes that you have uploaded. The embedded participant permits you to effectively move your episodes out of your host to the very last consumer, your listeners.
  • Marketing Tools: those assist to create a clear direction to your listeners to get right of entry to your posted files. It additionally permits you to take benefit of personalized hyperlinks and badges.
  • Analytics: The Analytics characteristic might be the good or maximum precious aid to be had on their platform. You can use it to assess the general overall performance of your podcast. With this selection, you could decide the geographic vicinity of your listeners and the way lots of them are taking note of your software from beginning to finish. You can then use this data to make wiser choices concerning your promoting and advertising efforts.

The backside line is that Apple Podcasts is an unfastened device this is very, very famous. It may be very smooth to apply and gives severa blessings to Podcasters who listing their packages on their platform. Take benefit in their offerings and develop your podcast listening audience!